Do You Believe In Miracles

Dean soon addresses Metatron who assures him that God never actually cared about humans and discarded them. He says that he worries about humanity, and would be a righteous God. Dean brings out the First Blade, and condemns Metatron for Kevin’s death, the robbery of Castiel’s grace, and every additional bad thing to have befallen to them. Metatron aggravates him further. He knows that he cannot be hurt, and Castiel and Gadreel have been securely locked away. Dean strikes Metatron, but the latter’s link to the Angel Tablet demonstrates to be stronger then he thought. This reminds me of my friend’s pressure cleaner experience, that left his house’s exterior looking worse then when he started cleaning it.

Sam regains consciousness again and attempts to find Dean. When he does reach Dean in time, however, Metatron seeing Sam immediatly stabs Dean in the heart with his Angel blade. Back in Heaven, Castiel discovers the Angel tablet inside of Metatron’s typewriter and breaks it, decreasing Metatron powers. Metatron senses this and teleports to face Castiel who he then catches by ‘instantly’ handcuffing him to his chair, which Castiel was foolishly sitting in already. Metatron accuses Castiel not of caring for humanity as he professes, “you draped yourself in the flag of heaven but really you were trying to save one man.” This points out Cas obsession extends only to a single person -it was all to save Dean. That was the goal, after all; Castiel only wanted to save Dean because their family. He then takes much delight in informing him that he’s killed Dean, that Dean is, in fact, dead. Castiel is visibly crushed by this fact but is unsure he can believe him. Metatron continues to state that the angels are all like sheep who require herding and that he has to perform the role God to prevent chaos. As he’s about to stab Castiel, however, Castiel tells Metatron that he turned on his/the Angel radio before he ported in. Metatron looks at the radio in startled panic, realizing everything he said had just been heard and could well be in trouble now. Angels burst in soon after led by Hannah and cuff Metatron. Castiel then leads Metatron to Heaven’s Dungeon.

Sam rushes to Dean’s side, reassuring him that he’ll obtain a spell or some way of helping him, and urging him to fight to stay alive. However, Dean soon passes out and dies in his arms – with his last words to Sam being that he’s pleased of the two of them: “I am proud of us.” Sam is overcome with extreme panic and sadness, his eyes fill with tears.

Hannah tells Castiel that they demand a new general in Heaven, but Castiel says that he’s not a leader, he’s never been a boss, and all he wants is only to be an angel. Hannah asks what Castiel is going to do now that his grace is draining, reminding him it needs to replenish or otherwise will kill him.

Meanwhile, back at the Men of Letters Headquarters, Sam tries to summon Crowley telling him to fix Dean since it’s his responsibility for getting Dean’s in this predicament.

Crowley visits the Headquarters, but bypasses Sam and goes straight to where Dean lies. He starts by saying to him that yes, he didn’t lie to him, just failed to tell him everything regarding the First Blade, but insists he wants Dean to know that he never once lied to him about it. He then tells him a not-well-known story where Cain like Dean, also refused to kill anybody with the First Blade while he was human and had instead decided to kill himself. However, the mark wouldn’t let Cain pass peacefully into death. He tells Dean not to conceive of it as death but rather as a new life, then mischievously calls Dean to come out see through his eyes and howl at the moon.

He places the First Blade in Dean’s right hand and tells Dean to open his eyes. When Dean does, instead of his eyes he has only pitch black orbs i.e. black demonic eyes. Dean has a awaken by returning in the form of a Demon.

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