End Part 3

Dean arrives at Bobby’s place. It’s in shambles. He finds Bobby’s wheelchair tilted over with bloody bullet holes in it. He moves to the secret hiding place of Bobby’s account and finds a picture of some men with shotguns, Bobby and Cas are among them, posing beside the welcome sign to Camp Chitaqua. He travels to the camp under cover of darkness and alludes the guards at the gate. He recognizes his dumped out Baby among the vehicles brought by towing a car¬†into the compound and swoops in to inspect the damage to her. While he does, a figure advances from behind and hits him unconscious with one blow.

Now!Dean awakes to find himself handcuffed to a set ladder and Future!Dean is gazing at him from across the room. “What the hell??” Now!Dean groans. Future!Dean is just as perplexed. He tells Dean of the past that he has examined him thoroughly with all the known methods to check if he was a mysterious creature while he was knocked out, so he knows he’s not one. But, he wants an answer as to why Now Dean has every single tool and trick on his person that Future Dean carries and, most of all, he wants to know why they share such a striking resemblance. Now Dean explains that he has been sent into 2014 from the year 2009, from the generosity of Zachariah. FutureDean still disbelieves and questions NowDean to tell him anything that only he would know. NowDean evokes that when ‘they’ were 19, Rhonda Hurley made them try on her pink satiny panties, and that they kinda liked it. FutureDean cracks a little grin and says “Touch√©.”

They discuss the demons’ endgame to finish off the human race with the Croatoan virus. NowDean asks about Sam. FutureDean tells him that there happened to be a “heavyweight showdown in Detroit,” and from what he hears, Sam didn’t make it through. NowDean looks sad and slightly humiliated to learn that he wasn’t with him at the time, and that he hadn’t talked to Sam in the five years before the showdown. He asks FutureDean if ‘they’ ever attempted to find him, FutureDean glumly replies that he’s got other people to worry over.

FutureDean has a mission to go on and decide to leave NowDean shackled as not to scare his camps residents. Eventually, NowDean succeeds to claw a nail out of a wood blank and free himself from his cuffs. He tries to creep out into the compound but runs into FutureChuck, who concernedly asks for guidance about diminishing perishable and hygiene stocks for the community. A flustered NowDean suggests, that they maybe, uh…share?? Chuck is puzzled by his answer, and then quickly remembers and queries: “Aren’t you supposed to be out on a mission right now?” NowDean, still rattled, says, yes, he was just on his way to ‘the mission.’ Before he can turn to go, Risa addresses him from behind and takes a very resolute swing at him, followed by a kick. Dean jumps behind Chuck, utilizing him a shield from further abuse. Risa is mad that FutureDean spent time in a different woman’s cabin the evening before. She angrily departs. Dean recovers and questions Chuck if Cas is still in the camp. Chuck laughingly says, yeah, he doesn’t believe Cas has anywhere to go.

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