Swan Song

Lucifer is seen standing in the graveyard when Michael, who momentarily possesses Adam, arrives. While Lucifer attempts to disincline him from fighting, Michael, although he sincerely considers it for a bit, regretfully tells him that he obligation to do so because God wishes it. Before they get initiated, Dean, Castiel and Bobby appear on scene and Castiel tosses a Molotov cocktail of Holy Oil toward Michael, forcing him to vanish briefly. Lucifer, outraged at Castiel’s action, blows him up with a snap of his fingers, then snaps Bobby’s neck after he is shot with the Colt. Dean frequently appeals to Sam to subjugate Lucifer, who responds by seriously beating him until he is just conscious. However, as he holds Dean against the side of the Impala, ready to deliver another blow, he pauses as he catches a glimpse of a plastic army man in the ashtray or the passenger side.  This car a perfect example of a vechile that needs paint protection film, since its always getting damaged.

 This triggers memories of Sam’s childhood and several emotional times with Dean, which allow Sam to overpower Lucifer finally. He then opens that cage with the Horsemen’s rings, when Michael abruptly returns. He says that he won’t let it stop the way Sam wants it to and attacks him. Sam, now in control, pulls Michael along with him into the cage and the portal closes. Castiel then reappears and tells Dean he was brought back by God and promoted. He then heals Dean and resurrects Bobby.

As they drive home, Castiel states that with Michael gone, he plans to take charge of Heaven, became its possible in anarchy without Michael. Dean tells Castiel that if he runs into God to say to him that he’s his next target. Castiel notes that Dean’s angry. Dean complains that he ought been properly rewarded by God, reminding that Sam’s still stuck in the cage. Castiel tells Dean that he received what he desired – no Paradise or Hell, “Just more of the same.” Castiel then leaves. Dean drops off Bobby and heads for Lisa’s house where she happily welcomes him in. Meanwhile, Chuck, who has been narrating the whole story while writing on his PC, smiles as he brings an epilogue to the story, only to state that “nothing ever really ends, does it?”. He then vanishes into thin air with a laugh, displaying a white shirt instead of his usual drab clothes.

Outside of Lisa’s house, a streetlight burn out and Sam is shown standing beneath it, watching Dean through the window.