The End Part 2

Dean later wakes up in a trashed-out hotel room, confused. He looks out the shattered window and sees that Kansas City has been put to waste. There are no other people around. He leaves the hotel on foot to investigate the rest of the city, finding no one until he comes across a little girl cringing in an alley. He addresses her slowly, questioning if she’s lost or hurt, but she quickly growls and jumps at him waving a chard of glass. Dean reflexively swings and knocks her unconscious. He then turns aorund and sees the word “Croatoan” drawn in red on a brick wall. Dread comes over his face , when  a tiny army of Croatoan-infected people come around the curve and begin to pursue him through the destroyed city. He finally runs into a dead end, with little hope of climbing the barbed wire fence in time. Just before they stumble upon him, a heavily armed military unit arrives and opens fire, barely missing Dean, but giving him time to escape into an alley.

Night falls, and he emerges from his hiding place and breaks through a fence. He looks back to view the No Entry sign on the fence designating Kansas City as a Croatoan Virus Hot Zone. It was dated August 1st, 2014. He is confused. He hotwires a deserted car and speeds off. As he tries to find a cell signal or even a radio station, Zachariah teleports into the car, much to Dean’s dismay. “I thought I smelled you stink on this Back To the Future crap,” Dean grumbles. Zachariah has appeared with a newspaper and nonchalantly begins reading the horrible headlines loudly: Croatoan Pandemic Reaches Australia; President Palin Supports the Bombing of Houston; there are no more sports because what’s left of Parliament has revoked the right of Public Assembly. Dean wants to know how he found him (he has an Enochian sigil etched into his ribcage). Zachariah mockingly deplores that they’ve had to resort to the unorthodox manner of using of human informants; the angels have made “inspirational visits,” concluded with Dean’s image, to some parts of the “fringier Christian groups.”  Dean then recalls the sidewalk missionary that approached him as he started to walk into the hotel. Dean demands that he hurl him back to 2009, but Zachariah replies he wants him to remain in the future for at least three days, because needs to see the state the world will be in if he proceeds to refuse to be Michael’s vessel. Zachariah vanishes.

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