The End

The episode starts as Dean parks his car  in front of a hotel in Kansas City, as a sidewalk preacher attempts to communicate with passersby. As Dean enters the hotel, the man approaches him and questions him if he’s considered that “God’s plan” for him. “Too freakin’ much, pal.”,  he responds and pushes past him. Inside his room, he talks with Castiel on the phone about how the demons holding the Colt which makes no sense; they should have melted it down by now. But, Castiel is sure that it is about, and that getting ahold of it is the only way they can destroy Lucifer, if they are still intent upon the insane task of trying to do so. Castiel asks for Dean’s location and then says his on way to meet immediately, but Dean states he requires at least 4 hours of sleep and the ability to eat, as he’s just driven for 16 hours straight and needs the rest. Cas, standing on a roadside, yields and says he’ll wait till morning.

Later that night, Dean’s phone hums and he decided to pick up assuming it to be an eager Castiel. Instead, it’s a panicked Sam. He tells him that Lucifer had approached him and announced that his the vessel his waiting for all these years. Sam wants to recommence hunting with Dean so that they can track Lucifer together. Still, Dean is unhappily settled with the fact that they make better hunters individually than they do when working together. Especially now that it’s unveiled that they are “the Fire and the Oil of the Armageddon,”  the chosen but resistant vessels of Heaven and Hell, they should probably pick different hemispheres to exist in. He reminds Sam that the players in power will always use their devotion to each other against them in a position to reach their own ends. Sam begs him to reconsider, insisting they can defeat them. But, Dean tearfully regrets saying no and hangs up on him.

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